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January 3, 2013


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Medicine Assignments (January 2013)

Thu Jan 3, 2013, 7:50 AM

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He's been sitting in the classroom for at least an hour by the time the bell rings, staring over the students a bit nervously as they pile in, not having anticipated so many of them in the class. "Ah... Is this all of you?" Taking a moment to look over the attendance and the group of people to mentally confirm that he's got everyone in the class, he shifts uncertainly when he stands up, biting into a strangely peppered food as he paces around at the front of the class for a moment.

"This is... ah... A bit more than I had expected. It's good that so many of you are looking into medicine, though, so... ah..." Sighing, he plays around with the wedding band on his finger as he finally sits down again. "Welcome to medicine class. I'll be your teacher for the quarter, my name is Everett Moritz."

MDC 101: Introduction to Medicine

"Mm, there are quite a few of you in this class. Welcome to introduction to medicine. Your first assignment will be fairly light, as it will be paired with our learning the basics. I want to know why you chose to take this class. Is there a specific instigator for your interest in medicine? An event in your life that's gone by or a goal? If you really have no reason, make something up. We'll be going through the greenhouses to familiarize you with the basic medical herbs, and while doing so please recall  to stay with the group and keep the student card I'll be giving you on you at all times. The greenhouses  can be dangerous if you're not prepared for them. We'll also be working for understanding ailments and following recipes, but for the end of this segment, all I expect from you is your explanation. This is partially because I'm curious about your stories and partially because incentive can play a large part in what you'd like to learn in class.

[Assignment: Write about your character's incentive for joining the medicine class! ]

[Jester -]
[Xavier - ]
[Henley - 5]
[June - ]
[Moki - ]
[Silvestra -]
[Elizabeth - 5]
[Gin -]
[Driz - 4]
[Ariana - 5]
[Emilia - 5]
[Yemina -]
[Shasta -]
[Paka -]
[Elijah -5]

MDC 102: Identifying and Classifying

"For those of you in identifying and classifying, this section of medicine is focused on the more general aspects of medicine. From it you'll learn appropriate groupings for both medicines and ailments, and this can be pivotal for several reasons, the first naturally being substitution. If you're in a situation where you lack a certain ingredient, knowing what you can fill in the blanks of your recipe with can be the difference between life and death. The same urgency can be involved in knowing what ailments can be treated with the same procedure."

"For your first assignment, we'll be dealing with the similarities in herbs. As with introduction to medicine, we'll be spending a fair bit of time in the greenhouses familiarizing you with those used in basic medicine creation, and for your first assignment, I want you to locate three herbs for me. One is Hemmel, a flower most well noted for its pink colour and heavy, citric scent. Innisin is the next, a grey flower with several pods. They're found in bushels, and look somewhat similar to a pod of peas. Lastly, I want you to find Iceroot. It's more general, and actually closer to an infection than anything-- it will invaid the roots of Hemmel flowers and freeze them over, giving the roots numbing qualities. You'll be able to note it by frost at the base of the plant. Finding them may be a bit of a task, as there will be several plants with similar features to these in the greenhouse. Some are dangerous, so I advise going in groups to locate the herbs, as well as additional research to be sure you don't pick the wrong plants."

[Assignment: Bring back the three assigned plants! This assignment can be done alone or with more than one student.]

[Oliver - 5]
[Henley - 3]
[Ignatia -]
[Piper - 5]
[Moki - 5]
[Yemina -]
[Samantha - 4]

MDC 103: Preventing and Fighting Infection

"Preventing infection is a step in medical care that is often neglected-- many people fail to understand the depth of issues that can come from improper treatment of an injury. In many cases, neglect of a wound can lead to more serious issues than the original issue itself. The goal of this class is to be sure that you're aware of these issues, and more importantly, that you know how to handle infection or other issues in treatment when they arise."

"For the first assignment in this class, we're going to be looking at prevention of infection. After all, if a wound is treated properly the first time around, there's no need to worry about fighting an infection. I want you all to look into one type of treatment and what it protects against. For instance, a layer of gauze soaked in StarryNights petals under an outer layer will ensure that the wound stay clean, and keeps wounds with dehydration issues from drying, cracking and rebreaking. After you've figured out what you'd like to do, work in your groups of three and try out the method-- if it is an external cure, you can try it without them being injured by 'treating' an uninjured part of their body. If your treatment involves consumption of pills, you can create them, but please don't feed them to anyone."

[Assignment: Have your character study a way of preventing infection/further issue with wounds and try out the procedure on another student!]

[Kyran - ]
[Markalika -]
[Glitch - 5]
[Elizabeth - ]
[Lyed - 5 ]
[Gin - 5]
[Ariana -]
[Moki ]
[Miki 4]

MDC 104: A History of Medicine

Blinking, he looks over his list again as he looks over the last section of first year medicine students, seeming rather surprised that there are students sitting in that section of the class. After confirming that there are indeed students for the History of Medicine, he nods, eating another of the candies in the bowl on his desk before he begins speaking. "A history of medicine is largely the segment of this class where we look at what not to do. There is rarely something in the history of medicine that should not have gone out, as if it was still useful, we would use it for present-day treatment. Knowledge of past medical ventures can be interesting for reading purposes, but focusing on practical uses, it shows us the past of medicine and where we can hope to take it."

"In focusing on this point, your first assignment will be to look at an ailment and the timeline of how it was treated. For an example, we can look at the treatment of leprosy. It was originally regarded as a curse that couldn't be treated. Chaulmoogra nut injections were the next step in treatment. They were extremely painful, and their functionality was questionable. Promine injections were also painful, but proved to be more successful in their treatment. Dapsone moved treatment away from pain, but the body was quick to build up a resistance to it, so that was out of the question as well. MTD, a mixture of medicines, is used now to prevent damage caused by leprosy, and it does not cause pain."

[Assignment: Look over the history of treatment for an ailment! It can be real or fabricated.]

[Elizabeth -]
[Piper - 5]
[Alexander -]

MDC 201: Anaesthetics and Pain Reduction

Smiling lightly from relief, he's rather grateful when he makes it to the portion of the class with more familiar faces, and he seems a bit more confident as he nibbles on his food before nodding to the students. "Lirit. Pandora. Welcome back to medicine class, I see you've decided to join me for another year. Pain reduction, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of medical treatment. Pain can be extremely undesirable, and when given the option, it is almost always better to make sure your patient is out of pain. It can cause stress in patients, raise their heart rate, and in certain cases lead to violent outbursts. On the other hand, too many anaesthetics can be hazardous to a patient's health, anaesthetics to lesser wounds can have ill side effects, and certain anaesthetics have a good percentage chance of causing death."

"Your first assignment will be simple. I want you both to create a scale from one to ten, with ten being the most extreme pain and one being the least extreme. For each step I want you to give me an example of a condition that would be at that pain level and explain if anaesthetics should be used if not. If so, explain how much should be used, and to what extent-- does the patient just need minor pain relief, or is a drug-induced coma appropriate until they've been treated?"

[Assignment: Create a 1-10 pain scale!]

[Lirit -]
[Pandora - 3]

MDC 202: Physical Injuries

Looking over to the two students in his next class, he nods a bit as he looks down at the attendance, then back at both of them. "Welcome back, Vandre and Oliver. As we go through physical injuries, we'll mainly be focusing on two components- internal and external wounds. Both have fairly defined drawbacks and pluses for their location, and we'll be starting on the easier of the two. While external wounds are subject to outside forces, and much more bacteria and substances than internal wounds, they're also much easier to handle, and with diligent care they can be easily treated. You've both already exceeded in studying infections how they work, so I'll be passing by the review on assumption that you both remember your last year's studies well. We're going to be looking at physical injuries on a larger scale this year-- on potentially fatal injuries and extreme wounds."

"To be giving you a bit more freedom with your first assignment, I will be allowing you to choose absolutely any physical injury you would like as long as it is not lethal. After you've selected I will be giving you a doll each. They are about three feet tall and perfect replicas of a human body that you will be able to inflict this wound upon. They do not feel pain. It will be a challenge to treat them due to their miniature stature, but should definitely be possible. Hand in your treated doll at the end of this segment.

[Assignment: Inflict an external wound on the doll and heal it!]

[Vandre -]
[Oliver - 5]

MDC 203: Mental Recovery

"Nodding in greeting to the last student in the class, he checks off the only student on his attendance before clearing his throat and starting to speak. "Good morning, Kyran. Welcome back to medicine class, I'm glad to see you'll be joining me for another year. Mental recovery can be a rather difficult concept to cover, as mental illnesses in general can be difficult to work with. Some mental illnesses that victims suffer with can be difficult to deal with even when one is proficient in mental care and recovery with how complex the brain can be, but we will focus on the identifiable portions of mental ailments.

There are many, many sections to the brain. I would like you to focus on one and a mental condition that affects that portion of the brain. Dysarthia, for instance, is a speech disorder caused by motor skill dysfunction. The cerebellum deals with motor skills, and it is the portion of the brain being affected by the ailment."

[Assignment: make a report on one real or fabricated ailment dealing with a specific portion of the brain!]

[Kyran - 5]

If you would like to RP with Everett for your assignment (or in general) feel free to ask or post a comment in this journal~!

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